Medical Compressor NebulizerĀ 


Item Code: KF-WHQ-001



  1. The Medical compress nebulizer.
  2. Fine particles, directly to the affected area.
  3. De-noising and quite, better for sleeping, better apply to baby.4
  4. Ā Adjustable nebulization cup, easy to adjust at any time.
  5. Double side Heat dissipation system, Full heat dissipation, long service life.

Soft and comfortable

  • as natural as breathing
  • Customized for baby


Micron nebulized particlesĀ  Ā Ā 

  • Easy to absorb

The fine nebulized particles can cover the upper respiratory tract, trachea, alveoli and lower respiratory tract, which can make the human body absorb drugs better

  • Low noise design
    Adopt new generation oil-free compressor, low power, small vibration,

Create a comfortable and quiet nebulization environment

must nebulization efficiency as you wish

  • The nebulization efficiency can be adjusted by adjusting the medication cup,
  • Which can meet the nebulization needs of different people


Two modes of nebulization

Suggestion:Ā use a face mask for children and mouthpiece for adults

Use steps

  1. Connect mouthpiece (Mask)
  2. Connect nebulizer and nebulization cup through this soft tube.
  3. Add liquid medicine into the medication cup
  4. Turn on nebulize





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