Cofoe Mini Mesh Nebulizer 


Item Code: KF-WHQ-601B



Cofoe Quality Mesh Nebulizer
1.Suitable for adults and children
2.Hold it to do atomization, very light
3.Reduce residues and use economically, High utilization rate
4.USB charging, can be connected to a power bank
5.Scientifically control the fogging rate
6.One-click disassembly and cleaning
7.USB charging design-Can be recycled use
8.Two atomization modes-Adapt to different atomization

Small and Portable

  • Do nebulization in anytime and anywhere
  • Mesh nebulizing technology, good effect and small volume
  • Let nebulization walk into family stay away from the heavy and noisy nebulizer in hospital.

Make Nebulization in a new silent level

  • Nebulization Also Can Be Done in Sleep
  • The real sound of making nebulization less than 50 DB
  • get away from the traditional heavy and noisy nebulizer in hospital.
  • It can be used for the sleeping babies in slight moisture sound.

2 Kinds of Nebulization Mode

  • Mouthpiece mode (mouth-type inhaling spray
  • Face mask mode (Air- breathing typed inhaling spray)





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